1 - Attwood Tsunami T1200 Aerator Pump - 12V

1 – Attwood Tsunami T1200 Aerator Pump – 12V , selling for $107.60 brand new. Manufactured by Attwood Marine. There are 1 units left brand new.Some great features of this product include:

  • Move more water and oxygen into livewell tanks to keep fish active
  • Cooler-running motors, premium materials, watertight seals and waterproof wiring
  • Cartridges are replaceable and interchangeable between bilge and aerator pumps

Tsunami Aerator Pumps T1200Inlet Length: 3-1/2″Inlet Diameter: 1-1/8″”Outlet Style & Inner Diameter: Threaded 1-1/8″With their innovative engineering and compact design, Tsunami pumps deliver high output from a small package. We use the most advanced material available, including the best quality be1 - Attwood Tsunami T1200 Aerator Pump - 12VBuy Now on Amazon.comBuy for $107.60 brand new