Booze Drops 6 Pack Variety Pack - Hard Alcohol Candy

Booze Drops 6 Pack Variety Pack – Hard Alcohol Candy , selling for $10.49 brand new. Manufactured by TG Innovations. There are 2 units left brand new.Some great features of this product include:

  • New Flavors, New Packaging, Bolder Taste!
  • Variety pack hard candy containing Real Alcohol Flavor. – with alcohol flavor in every lick. No Liquid center.
  • Unlike any other candy on the market, in our delicious product Alcohol flavor is evenly spread throughout every piece from top to bottom. So you will get the same flavor with your first taste and your last taste and you don’t have to wait for candy to melt in your mouth to get to the flavor in the center.
  • 6 flavorBOOZE DROPS alcohol hard candy – Stay Relaxed! Available in a variety of flavors, Booze Drops are exactly what the name suggests – Hard Candy made especially for adults with alcohol flavor evenly spread in each piece – a perfect treat for your inner child! That’s right, when enjoying our delicious pBooze Drops 6 Pack Variety Pack - Hard Alcohol CandyBuy Now on Amazon.comBuy for $10.49 brand new