Teleflex SSC6106 Safe-T Big-T 6' Marine Steering Cable

Teleflex SSC6106 Safe-T Big-T 6′ Marine Steering Cable was listed on Amazon for $180.94, selling for $80.95 USD brand new. Manufactured by Teleflex Marine. There are 8 units left brand new.Some great features of this product include:

  • Rotary steering cable with quick connect adaptor
  • 6 foot steering cable

Safe-T Big-T Steering Cable – 6 Feet – Why replace your entire steering system when you only need the cable. QCII is the one cable you need for nearly all teleflex rotary steering since 1968. It’s a direct replacement for SSC62 and SSC72 cables, so it fits Safe-T QC, all rotary no-feedback and singlTeleflex SSC6106 Safe-T Big-T 6' Marine Steering CableBuy Now on Amazon.comBuy for $80.95 brand new
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